Vision, Mission & Objectives


Provide the best and highest quality medical services from the beginning and all the time according to Islamic methods to meet the satisfaction of patients and customers.


Provide quality Islamic medical and treatment services to patients and customers.

Identify the disease faced by the patient accurately and give an effective prescription medication as well as consultation and counseling.


Provide high quality medical services to every client or patient.

Achieve encouraging viability and competitiveness for the development of Pahang Medical Centre Sdn. Bhd.

Nurture and develop dynamic management, administration and services in line with the quality and credibility of a viable Hospital or medical treatment center.

To develop a workforce motivated by appropriate work ethic (Islamic Work Ethics) with full responsibility to Pahang Medical Centre Sdn. Bhd. as well as efficient and courteous to customers or patients.

Strive at all times to protect the interests of shareholders of Pahang Medical Centre Sdn. Bhd. by not neglecting welfare and social responsibility.